Enhance The Learning Experience In Your School

Hosting a teacher from another culture gives the students in your school a unique opportunity to gain a global perspective at a young age.

Shaping The Next Generation

Host schools experience many advantages by participating in the J-1 teacher program - but most importantly, they have the opportunity to expand their students’ worldview and cultural appreciation.

Exposing students to different cultures and customs is one way to build bridges and prepare students for their future careers in a global economy. Highly qualified international teachers bring new modalities and experiences to the classroom that add value to your school. Our teacher exchange program is an innovative solution to teacher shortages, providing a highly talented pool of skilled, qualified, and dedicated teachers.

Teacher exchange programs are meant to be mutually beneficial. As our teachers add immense value to their host schools, these schools in return commit to fostering relationships and cultural exchange opportunities that enhance the lives of program participants. Becoming a Department of State sponsored school requires highly qualified educators and school partners to come together to improve student achievement and readiness in a globalized world.

Looking Outward,
Thinking Forward

Our participants are more than teachers. They are experienced, dedicated cultural ambassadors who build bridges between cultures.

By bringing the world to America’s schools, our teachers break down barriers, dispel stereotypes and expand minds.
Recent world events have demonstrated the importance of global collaboration to solve complex problems - our teachers play a key role in helping students appreciate the value of diversity and building relationships with other cultures.

USAE is officially recognized by the U.S. Department of State as an Exchange Program Sponsor. As such, USAE is authorized to sponsor cultural-exchange teachers in the U.S. for up to 3 years, with the possibility to be extended to 5 years.

USA Employment is here to supplement your existing recruiting initiatives by providing FREE access to international, qualified teachers from our program.

What We Offer

USA Employment has been offering  teacher exchange programs for over 20 years. You can trust us to find you qualified and dedicated teachers to enhance your students’ learning experience.

Teachers In All Subjects For All Grade Levels

We specialize in finding teachers for subjects with shortages such as Math (including AP Calculus & Geometry), Science (including Biology, Physics, & Chemistry), and Special Education. USAE has teachers available for ages pre-k through 12th grade.

Teachers with Excellent English Communication Skills

The USAE team screens all candidates to ensure proficient to native level English fluency, demonstrated orally and through writing. Our rigorous screening and interview process includes background checks, reference checks, and more.

Highly Qualified Teaching Professionals

We only work with the best of the best. You will have access to teacher resumes and video introductions. USAE has all teacher transcripts evaluated by NACES approved evaluators, and provides comprehensive guidance for incoming teachers regarding necessary certifications.

Convenient Process For Teachers & Schools

USAE provides J-1 sponsorship to all teachers. This sponsorship is good for up to 3 years, which can be extended for a total of 5 years with an approved extension. USAE supports our teachers from the day they apply until the day they come home, and we will help your school with the recruiting process at no cost.

Host School Eligibility

  • Host schools must be part of an accredited public, charter or private K-12 school system in The United States of America.

  • Host schools must offer full time academic programs.

  • Host schools must be accredited by the appropriate academic accrediting authority of the jurisdiction in which the school is located.

  • Host schools must be financially capable of offering a full-time teaching position to the prospective teacher.

  • Host schools must provide any J-1 teacher exchange teacher with salary and benefits of similar value to U.S. teachers with the same qualifications and experience.

  • All job offers must be for a full academic year (up to the maximum allowable 3 years of the J-1 Program with potential to extend for 2 additional years).

  • Host school agrees to facilitate necessary yearly cross-cultural activities, a major component of their J-1 Program within the school and community.

  • Host schools must assign a mentor to the teachers in the beginning of their J-1 Program.

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Find Amazing, International Teachers For Your School

We handle most of the work for you, so finding an amazing teacher from around the globe is easy for you!


Connect with us via email to learn more about our program and current openings.


Review highly qualified teachers from our applicant pool. You’ll review resumes and video introductions, and shortlist teachers who peak your interest.


Allow us to coordinate interviews online so that you can meet applicants and make a selection based on your school’s unique needs and interests. Once you make an offer, we will guide the applicant through all required paperwork.


You will make your final selection and we will prepare your new teacher for their  arrival. We’ll guide them through the visa documentation process and assist them with relocation and the process of settling into their new communities.


Welcome your new cultural ambassador to your school and open the door to new opportunities. Up until now, we’ve handled most of the legwork for you. At this stage, we ask you to be mindful of the teacher’s transition and welcome them with open arms!


We worked with USA EMPLOYMENT LLC earlier this school year on the recruitment of a qualified, certified middle school math teaching position, and her company has a solid history of assisting ADP with finding highly qualified teachers for our school. In fact, one of the teachers who came to us through USAE several years ago was the Arizona Teacher of the Year.

Frank Lomeli, M.Ed.
Friendly House, Vice President of Elementary Education
School Principal – Academia del Pueblo School

We have been working with USA EMPLOYMENT LLC for the past 5 years on recruitment of qualified certified teachers and they have assisted Aguila ESD with finding highly qualified teachers for our rural and remote location. USAE completes all required paperwork, applications, and certifications for their candidates. This also includes references checks, background checks and transcripts etc.

Andrew Wannemacher, Ed.S.
Aguila Elementary School District #63

Our district has been working with USA EMPLOYMENT LLC since 2017.  Our district was in desperate need of teachers for the 2017-2018 school year.  USAE was able to recruit five teachers for our district including two science teachers, a math teacher, and two elementary teachers in a very short time. We enjoy working with USAE as they really work to accommodate the needs of our district.  When we have a need for a position to be filled, we can count on USAE to help us out.

Brad Sale
Parker Unified School District No. 27

USA Employment LLC was a life-saver for Globe Unified School District this year!  Working with them we were able to hire 4 quality teachers for difficult to fill positions.  The communication between our district and USAE was excellent and they helped make the transition as smooth as possible. We will definitely continue to work with USA Employment as we recruit teachers in the future.

Jerry Jennex, Superintendent
Globe Unified School District #1
Globe, Arizona


Why should American schools consider international teachers?

Our teachers' rich cultural backgrounds help build bridges between cultures and expose students to new ideas. Our highly qualified teachers are passionate about sharing their knowledge and culture with students. Not only do our cultural exchange ambassadors offer expertise in various subject areas but they also share their own traditions, holidays and culture inside the classroom.

Why should American schools consider international teachers?

Our teachers' rich cultural backgrounds help build bridges between cultures and expose students to new ideas. Our highly qualified teachers are passionate about sharing their knowledge and culture with students. Not only do our cultural exchange ambassadors offer expertise in various subject areas but they also share their own traditions, holidays and culture inside the classroom.

What countries do you work with?

We are currently getting qualified teachers from India and the Philippines but are open to teachers from any global context.

Are your exchange teachers certified?

Yes, all of our J-1 Program teachers are certified in their respective countries. Before they begin teaching, we assist all candidates in receiving their Teacher Certificate, which will be valid in your state.

What will this program cost the school?

Absolutely nothing. The teacher candidate pays all costs and expenses involved. Any costs or fees paid by your school district will lessen the financial burden on the hired teacher.

What is the Cultural Exchange Visitor Program? What is a J1 VISA?

The J-1 Visa is a special non-immigrant visa type which enables foreign teachers the opportunity to participate in the U.S Department of State’s Exchange Visitor Program. Candidates must qualify to participate in this program. J-1 visa exchanges include a cultural component that gives participants the opportunity to engage more broadly with Americans and share their own cultures with their U.S. host communities.

Who will sponsor teacher visas and for how long?

USAE is officially designated by the U.S. Department of State as an Exchange Program Sponsor. As such, USAE is authorized to sponsor cultural-exchange teachers in the U.S. The program is for 3 years and can be extended for an additional 2 years for a total of 5 years.

USAE  issues a document (DS2019) which allows teachers to apply for their J-1 Visa at the U.S. embassy and the consular officers will ultimately decide if the teacher receives this J-1 visa.

How can I be assured this teacher will meet our hiring guidelines?

USA Employment implements rigorous screening and selection criteria to ensure teacher retention and success. This offers an additional guarantee that the teacher is pre-screened for all the school’s requirements.

Our teachers are specialists in their subject areas, with a high percentage in math and science. We only accept teachers with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and a  Bachelor’s Degree in their field of expertise. The majority of our teachers have Master's Degrees and many years of classroom experience. Our teachers’ certification status will be verified before they begin work in their respective state.

What is the hiring process?

USA Employment goes to great lengths to ensure that the hiring process for your school is efficient and effective. The process is entirely facilitated by USAE and can be done by any school in any location due to our entirely virtual interview methods.

First, you will receive a list of teachers with their resume and video introductions. Once you narrow down the candidates to your top choices we will facilitate a video interview. After giving a job offer to your selected teacher, we will handle visa processing and relocation along with teacher preparation.

Who is responsible for relocating and settling the teacher in the USA?

USA Employment has an ongoing orientation and acclimation program that enables our teachers to adapt quickly to their new surroundings and feel empowered to begin living the American dream. We provide assistance in obtaining housing, transportation and cultural integration for each teacher. We introduce our teachers to the many social, cultural, civic and religious organizations in each region’s international community. We prefer working with districts that possess strong mentor programs and demonstrate administrative and site-based support for our teachers to ensure a positive experience.

What happens if we are forced to terminate a teacher for any reason?

Any teacher found incapable or incompetent may be terminated. These teachers should be treated with the same employment policies and procedures the school has for local teachers. Each teacher enters our program with the understanding that their participation in the program is contingent upon their success and the district’s satisfaction with their performance. If only minor remediation is required, we will work hard to equip the teacher with the skills necessary to succeed. If that is not possible, the teacher will return to his or her home country.

How do we get started?

Contact us immediately (resume@usaemployment.org) to request resumes of qualified candidates for review by your recruiters and principals. We will help facilitate the entire recruitment process.

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