Building Bridges
Between Cultures

USA Employment has been helping teachers from around the globe make an impact in American schools since 2001. We are passionate about education, cultural connection, and building a global perspective in the next generation.

About Us

For nearly two decades USA Employment has helped build bridges between cultures through education. By recruiting and coordinating placement for highly-skilled teachers across the globe, we provide America’s schools with cultural enrichment.

USA Employment searches the globe for top teaching talent to participate in international cultural exchange with America’s students. In turn, they share American teaching practices and a unique cultural perspective when they return to their home country.

USA Employment is recognized by the U.S. State Department as an official Exchange Program Sponsor.

We provide America’s schools with experienced, dedicated, and compassionate cultural ambassadors.

Our Commitment to You

USA Employment provides cultural enrichment from the best teachers across the world by offering a full service solution for schools to bring curated global instruction & experiences  to students. Our extensive vetting & matching process ensures that teachers with the highest qualifications, skills and degrees are a perfect fit for the schools and communities they serve.

As the program sponsor, we support our teachers from the day they apply until the day they come home. USAE assists teachers with visa approval, pre and post departure orientation, and relocation services to ensure a successful transition. By offering comprehensive support to schools and teachers, we help create a robust and mutually supportive environment where educators and students can thrive.

USA Employment is Always…


In all that we do, we seek to improve the lives of the teachers we work with and the schools who host them. We take this honor seriously.

From the moment a teacher applies to work with us to the  moment they return home,  we are committed  to providing transparent, comprehensive support -  around the clock. Our team works with incoming teachers to ensure they are relocated comfortably and  successfully.

This commitment extends to all our employees and partner schools. You can trust us to be transparent & trustworthy, every step of the way.

Committed to Education

We are passionate about quality education and the doors that it opens. USAE was founded by first generation immigrants, who raised their own children in the U.S. and taught them to cherish, embrace, and  pursue education.

Everything we do at USAE is to improve education opportunities around the world. We believe that professional teacher exchange opportunities enhance education by giving U.S. students exposure to new cultures and empowering global teachers with new strategies to take back home.

Diverse & Inclusive

The future is diverse. As the world shrinks, it’s more important than ever that our  communities are diverse and welcoming of new cultures, worldviews, and perspectives.

USAE was founded by immigrants, and as such our team has a unique understanding of the importance of inclusion.

Embracing diversity can change the entire experience of a generation, remove barriers, and create equality. We seek to empower students with cultural sensitivity that will serve them for years to come, and enrich the global education system with culture exchange.

Our Team

Anita Gupta

Founder & Director of Operations

Anita Gupta is the founder and director of USA Employment. Her efforts to promote education and cultural inclusion are creating new opportunities for hundreds of teachers and students internationally. Anita is passionate about education and diversity, values that have driven her to make an impact in her community and around the globe.

Anita grew up in India, and immigrated to America in 1979. She earned a degree in political science before becoming active in both of her daughters’ schools, organizing cultural events for the students and helping to impact the next generation. She has since engaged in cultural exchange efforts in her community and around the world. 

The Gupta family has long had a reputation for cherishing & promoting education. They have founded multiple schools in India, including a private K-12 girl’s school. Anita is also the founder of a scholarship program at the Space Center Rotary Club for international exchange students and cultural programs. 

Anita cares deeply about her local community and the global community. She has been an active member of Houston’s small business community for over two decades, serving as the Founder and Chief Financial Officer of a successful electronics distribution firm in Houston for 20 years prior to joining USAE. 

As the director of USAE, Anita  provides strategic vision and leadership to USA Employment while taking learning opportunities outside the classroom and helping schools embrace new cultures and enhance education initiatives.

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Shivani Gupta

Director of Business Development / VP

Shivani  is the Director of Business Development for USAE. She plays a vital role in the company’s expansion by forming connections with new markets, opening up opportunities  in new states, and expanding the countries that USAE represents. Shivani travels extensively for USA  Employment to meet with schools, connect with teachers, and ensure the overall quality of the program.

Her passion for cultural immersion began at a young age. She had the opportunity to sit as the chairwoman of international organizations and language organizations and engage in various Indian cultural activities and performances. During an impactful study abroad program in Italy, Shivani grew a desire to show others the benefit of cultural exchange through education.

At Babson College, Shivani studied marketing and entrepreneurship. In addition to academic pursuits, she created an entrepreneurship conference for the student body that had 8 panels, 26 speakers, and over 400 attendees. Shivani is hard-wired for innovation and always looking for new ways to improve what we do at USAE to make an even bigger impact.

Working with USAE allows Shivani to create a lasting impact on the next generation by instilling the values of cultural sensitivity, diversity, and inclusion.

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Vijay Gupta

Late Founder

Vijay’s passion for cultural exchange through education started in 2001 - a time of desperation in the United States. After the attacks of September 11th, our country was angry, scared, and confused. Unfortunately, some of this anger was directed toward immigrant communities. Coming from an immigrant family, Vijay sought to educate Americans on the many cultures of South Asians. While he toured Houston spreading this message, he realized another way to affect change was to help bring this mission of cultural education to the classroom.

From this idea came the founding of USAE, with the goal of bringing teachers from around the world into American schools to share their cultures and bridge the gap between global communities. Vijay saw this as a mutually beneficial model, where teachers would benefit by learning about American life and culture, advance their careers, and help educate their  students when they returned.

Mr. Gupta also owned and operated a consumer computers & electronics distribution company that grew to 70 employees and $40 million in revenues. His commitment to the local community has been evident in his involvement in such organizations as the Clear Lake and Galleria Area Chambers of Commerce, the Space Center Rotary Club, The Executive Committee, the India Culture Center, and the Greater Houston Partnership. 

Vijay has always been a fierce advocate for education, diversity, and cultural connection. His legacy continues as USAE expands to reach more students and communities across the globe. 

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We worked with USA EMPLOYMENT LLC earlier this school year on the recruitment of a qualified, certified middle school math teaching position, and her company has a solid history of assisting ADP with finding highly qualified teachers for our school. In fact, one of the teachers who came to us through USAE several years ago was the Arizona Teacher of the Year.

Frank Lomeli, M.Ed.
Friendly House, Vice President of Elementary Education
School Principal – Academia del Pueblo School

We have been working with USA EMPLOYMENT LLC for the past 5 years on recruitment of qualified certified teachers and they have assisted Aguila ESD with finding highly qualified teachers for our rural and remote location. USAE completes all required paperwork, applications, and certifications for their candidates. This also includes references checks, background checks and transcripts etc.

Andrew Wannemacher, Ed.S.
Aguila Elementary School District #63

Our district has been working with USA EMPLOYMENT LLC since 2017.  Our district was in desperate need of teachers for the 2017-2018 school year.  USAE was able to recruit five teachers for our district including two science teachers, a math teacher, and two elementary teachers in a very short time. We enjoy working with USAE as they really work to accommodate the needs of our district.  When we have a need for a position to be filled, we can count on USAE to help us out.

Brad Sale
Parker Unified School District No. 27

USA Employment LLC was a life-saver for Globe Unified School District this year!  Working with them we were able to hire 4 quality teachers for difficult to fill positions.  The communication between our district and USAE was excellent and they helped make the transition as smooth as possible. We will definitely continue to work with USA Employment as we recruit teachers in the future.

Jerry Jennex, Superintendent
Globe Unified School District #1
Globe, Arizona

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