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Teach in America and bring the world closer together!

USA Employment has placed nearly 150 teachers within the last three years.
We are ready to place hundreds more in the future.

USA Employment is facilitating a process for experienced teachers from all countries who possess excellent English communication skills, to fill, full-time positions in American schools. The only way to ensure success is to commit yourself to the process once you accept your formal invitation into the program.

Getting Started - Applying to USA Employment

USA Employment and its partners worldwide will invest time in determining which candidates are qualified for acceptance into its program. USA Employment only accepts candidates who have:

Fluency in English
A minimum of 2-5 years experience teaching

Teaching certification/license from home country

Academic background in education
Equivalent of US Bachelor’s degree
Clear police background check

Conducting Interviews From Your Home

USA Employment will be coordinating live phone/web-cam/videoconference interviews for qualified candidates. Costs are minimal when considering you could be hired without ever having to leave your homeland.

Phone interview – When USA Employment hosts telephone interviews from its United States office with school administrators, you could be asked to interview for a job. After learning about the opportunity (location, salary, etc.) you will determine if you would like to interview for the vacancy.
Web-cam – (will accompany some phone interviews) – Many United States hiring administrators also like to have a visual picture of the teacher when they are talking to them on the phone. A web-cam enables this to happen. If you do not have access to a computer with a web-cam, you would simply go to the nearest Internet café and utilize their web-cam. USA Employment will guide you through this process. The candidate is responsible for any costs incurred related to usage of a web-cam.
Videoconference interviews – When USA Employment hosts live videoconference interviews from its United States office with school administrators, you could be asked to interview for a job. After learning about the opportunity (location, salary, etc.) you will determine if you would like to interview for the vacancy.


Relocation Assistance

USA Employment offers comprehensive relocation assistance to all teachers for a fee to cover expenses. The intent is to ensure that all teachers are settled quickly and comfortably in their new environments.

The teacher should plan to bring five thousand dollars upon arrival into the United States to cover the many initial costs associated with relocation. USA Employment’s relocation specialists will research all options for housing and transportation, which vary from city to city. When applicable, USA Employment will involve local residents (ideally from the same ethnicity as the teacher) as well as representatives from the host school to assist in relocation and acclimation issues. This provides the teacher with an initial contact person of similar background and heritage. Most American cities have thriving international communities.

Spouses will be responsible for finding their own employment. USA Employment will provide some free guidance on this matter, but since we focus on helping teachers, we cannot also focus our resources on all forms of employment for spouses.

USA Employment will guide the teacher on all necessary steps for certification as well as meeting any other challenges and requests made by the school system where they are employed. USA Employment also offers around-the-clock relocation advice, assistance and guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is USA Employment?
Based in Houston, Texas USA Employment assists American schools and school districts with their teacher recruitment efforts. We find the best teachers available and allow the schools to choose which teachers they want for their schools.

Our teachers can help build bridges between cultures as well as help students examine their own preconceived notions. In a time where there is so much misunderstanding and division, our teachers can help their students appreciate the value of diversity and be more comfortable with difference. Once our teachers return to their home country, they educate their colleagues and students about US cultures and customs.

How much money will I make?
Your salary will be commensurate with your experience and area of specialty, and will be in line with the salaries offered to other teachers in a given school district or city. Teachers in "high-need areas" ( high-need varies but is often defined to include some or all of the following subjects: special education, Spanish bilingual, foreign language, math and science, and possibly others); teachers with many years of experience; and teachers with post-graduate degrees (master’s degrees and doctorates) can expect to receive higher starting compensation. It will be primarily the teachers’ responsibility to ensure that credit is given for their years of experience overseas once they arrive in America, but USA Employment will provide some guidance and support. Salaries will vary in different parts of the country, given the differences in cost of living and other factors.

How many interviews and job offers can I expect?
The success of USA Employment’s international teacher program has sparked interest from schools throughout the United States. School recruiters will be traveling all over the world throughout the year to conduct live interviews with teachers and make job offers. Some candidates receive job offers after only one or two interviews. Other candidates conduct 5 or more interviews before being hired. USA Employment will go to great lengths to ensure that you have maximum exposure to American schools and every opportunity to interview for the job of your dreams!

For which American schools is USA Employment recruiting teachers?
USA Employment works with many schools of different shapes and sizes. It is difficult to predict which school(s) will offer you a job, because it is based on so many factors. USA Employment ensures that all participating schools offer competitive salaries, a strong support structure and the opportunity for you to grow personally and professionally.

How soon after being hired, will I be asked to relocate to America and begin teaching?
This will vary, depending upon when you are hired and when the school district requires your presence. You may be asked to relocate immediately if you land a job during the school year, which is August to May. Often schools like to take teachers either at the beginning of the school year (August) or at the conclusion of Winter Break (early January). The expected relocation time will be made known to you prior to or during the interview, and it will be a minimum of 14 days.

Will I be teaching at a public school or private school?
The words "public" and "private" mean different things in different countries. In America, "public schools" are those funded by the government and tax-payers. They are free for children to attend, and the vast majority of students attend public schools. "Private schools" are those schools where tuition is paid by the parents of the attending student. Most job opportunities will be with public schools, but this detail will be made known to you before the interview.

My English communication skills are poor. Do I have any hope?
Effectively communicating with principals, administrators, students, parents, other faculty and the community will be very important to your success. Very few schools will risk hiring someone with whom they do not feel comfortable communicating. We strongly recommend that the teacher enrolls in English courses in their home country to improve their accent and fluency.

Are there any age restrictions for your program?
USA Employment will accept the application of anyone interested in coming to America. However, the person (regardless of age) must prove to be well-qualified. They must have graduated from a university and had three years teaching experience.

Do teacher salaries vary by grade level or subject area?
No. In the vast majority of schools, the teacher’s salary is determined by years of experience. Some districts may offer annual "stipends" for such things as post-graduate degrees (master’s or doctorate) or certifications in certain high-need subject areas.

Can I also teach part-time at a local college or university?
On the J-1 visa the teacher is not allowed to work for supplemental income. For more information, please consult the USCIS (formerly the INS) website. http://uscis.gov/graphics/index.htm

How can I make extra money while on the J-1 visa ?
Many schools offer ample opportunities for employees to earn extra income to supplement their teacher salary, including but not limited to: club sponsorship stipends; coaching stipends; study hall and discipline supervisor; summer school teaching; and other opportunities. Candidates will be informed of these varying opportunities once you are teaching in the school.

How quickly will I get certified in the United States?
That is mostly up to you! Your dedication, aptitude and commitment will often determine the speed with which you obtain full certification in America. USA Employment and your school administrators will guide you completely on all tasks necessary to obtain certification. In most cases, you will be required to pass one or more state-mandated tests, for which ample study tools and tutoring sessions are available. USA Employment and your nearest international office affiliate will guide you on all certification-related documents needed to be collected by you before you depart your home country for America, for the purpose of submitting to the necessary state board of education’s certification department to obtain full state certification.

Will my school-aged children receive free education in America?
YES! All children between the grades of kindergarten through high school (12th grade) will receive the same quality of education offered to American children. Your children will be enrolled into the school system according to your residence location. USA Employment will guide you on getting your children enrolled into the school system immediately upon their arrival to the United States. In regards to college enrollment, the high school counselors will guide your college-aged children on how to enroll, receive financial aid, etc.

Can I speak with a teacher from USA Employment’s program who is already working in America?
Certainly! We have many teachers available by phone or email that would be glad to speak with you and share their experiences. Who knows … maybe you will make a new friend who can become your mentor when you get hired and relocated to America! Please contact your local office for information.

How can I best prepare for the upcoming interviews with schools?
USA Employment and your nearest international affiliate office has many resources for you to utilize as you prepare – including books, materials, Web sites, suggestions and other invaluable resources that have helped get many other teachers hired. The choice of whether or not to take advantage of these materials is yours.

Will I have a mentor to guide me when I join my new school in America?
Hopefully you will have more than just a mentor – USA Employment and your employer will work hard to surround you with the necessary infrastructure to succeed. All school districts have extensive training, orientation and mentor programs that will help acclimate you into the system. Furthermore, you will have access to many USA Employment teachers already working in America, who can give you tips, suggestions and invaluable advice! Finally, you have USA Employment, which is available for you to answer your questions and field your comments. It is our hope that someday you will become a mentor to another teacher who is coming to America for the first time, and that you can extend the same welcome to them as was extended to you when you initially arrived!

How much does it cost to live in the USA?
Cost of living is different in every city and state, and it is based on many factors. Many Web sites are also available to discuss and compare different costs of living for different cities, states and regions throughout America. As part of its relocation assistance, USA Employment can assist you and your family in preparing a budget, based on cost of living, your salary and your personal financial needs. USA Employment will also provide lots of tips, suggestions and best practices for living cost-efficiently in America.

If I live far away from one of your international affiliate offices, will I be able to conduct interviews from nearby to my hometown?
Certainly. Many teachers conduct interviews from the comfort of their own home. Some teachers have purchased a PC Web-cam that allows hiring administrators and principals to see them live anywhere in the world while they are speaking on the phone. USA Employment will work hard to minimize your expenses during the interview process, making it as mutually convenient as possible for both the candidates and the schools.

I have friends or relatives living in America, or another country, who wish to take advantage of this program. How can they start the process?
Simply apply online at our website www.usaemployment.org and a representative will be in contact with them. Much of the information regarding our program is available online.

Do you hire people for other industries?
No. We only hire teachers from Kindergarten through 12 th Grade.

Once hired, do I have the option of bringing my dependents?
Yes, you can bring some, none or all of your dependents, including a spouse and any number of your unmarried children under age 21. They will come on a J-2 visa. The spouse may travel to the US after 180 days of arrival of the teacher and can accept employment only with the authorization of the INS (Immigration & Naturalization Services).

What benefits packages are offered to teachers?
Benefits packages vary by school district, but most include some, most or all of the following: Medical, vision and dental insurance for the employee (family is extra); paid vacation days; teacher retirement savings program; various signing bonuses or stipends; and other benefits that will be made known to the candidate at the time of the job offer or earlier. J-1 teachers have special requirements in terms of medical insurance, USAE will inform the teachers of these matters.

What happens if I lose my job in America?
USA Employment will work hard to make sure you have long-lasting employment in America, but USA Employment obviously cannot guarantee this. If termination of employment is due to your actions, behavior or performance, USA Employment will work hard to remediate you and get you back on the path of success. If your loss of employment is due to circumstances beyond your control, USA Employment will do everything possible to find you new employment (though this may require your flexibility in relocating geographically). USA Employment does not anticipate this problem for many, if any, of its excellent teachers working hard in America.

What guarantee do I have that I will be hired?
USA Employment cannot guarantee that you will receive a job. Our track record of performance and excellence speaks for itself, and we have structured our organization in such a way that it will inevitably fail if we do not successfully place our teachers in America. Preparing for, and performing well during the interviews, is the responsibility of the candidate – though USA Employment will furnish ample preparation materials. USA Employment will only accept those candidates into its program who meet the strict requirements and display the professionalism, personality and dynamic qualities desired by American schools today.

Can I request a specific city, state or region for placement?
USA Employment welcomes these requests and will do everything possible to grant those requests. However, the Company strongly suggests that candidates accept the first attractive offer that is made to them. USA Employment cannot predict which schools will need any given teachers at any given time, so by making specific requests and not interviewing or applying with other districts, could significantly reduce a candidate’s opportunity for timely and efficient hiring and relocation to America.

Will I be able to visit my home country while on J-1 visa ?
Yes! You will have the freedom to visit your home country during any of the holiday or summer breaks. Any travel costs will be the expense of the teacher. USA Employment asks that all teachers contact USA Employment to inform them of any out-of-country travel to make sure there are no expected problems or difficulties returning, given the ever-changing visa laws and regulations.

Will I be able to attend college classes or pursue other academic coursework while teaching?
Yes, you will have every opportunity to participate in any coursework offered by a local college or university, or any other you wish to explore. Often schools encourage their teachers to take workshops, classes or attend conferences to learn more about their students. USA Employment recommends that all teachers spend at least their first full year focusing on the task of performing well in the classroom and becoming an effective American teacher , before pursuing other time-intensive academic challenges.

Will I have opportunities to grow professionally?
Yes! In fact, you will likely be required to complete a certain amount of "professional development" hours or courses. Tremendous funds are put toward training teachers and equipping you with new materials, skills, practices and tools to make you more effective!

How do we get started?
Contact USA Employment immediately via email at resume@usaemployment.org to begin.

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