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Teach in America, share your culture and bring the world closer together!

USA Employment brought over 500 cultural exchange educators to the United States of America over past several years. We are ready to find hundreds more in the future.


USA Employment is a Texas based Cultural Exchange Program for international educators. In collaboration with United States Department of State, USA Employments Cultural Exchange Program provides countless opportunities for international educators to live and work in the United States while promoting their own culture.

Foreign Teachers participate in cross-cultural activities in schools and communities. They enhance the U.S. students knowledge about foreign cultures and customs. Teachers then return home to share their increased knowledge of U.S. culture, customs and teaching advancements with students of their own country.

Getting Started - Applying to USA Employment

USA Employment and its partners worldwide will invest time in determining which candidates are qualified for acceptance into its J-1 Cultural Exchange Program for Teachers. USA Employment only accepts candidates who have:

Fluency in English
A minimum of 2 years experience teaching

Teaching certification/license from home country

Academic background in education
Equivalent of US Bachelor’s degree
Clear criminal background check
You must be teaching at the time of application.

Credential Evaluation and other Resources

Once you are in our program, we will facilitate your academic document's evaluation with a USA based Evaluator which is paid by you. We will also provide you many resources to learn about the American education system and interview process.

Conducting Interviews From Your Home

USA Employment will be coordinating live phone/web-cam/videoconference interviews for qualified candidates with American Schools.

Phone interview – USA Employment hosts telephone interviews from its United States office along-with school administrators. These interviews are usually done on a conference call.
Videoconference or Skype interviews – USA Employment will organize live videoconference interviews from its United States office along-with administrators from prospective schools. After learning about the opportunity (location, salary, etc.) you will determine if you would like to interview for the available position.

Orientation and Visa processing

Once you accept the job, now the fun begins. We will guide you through all the following steps.

Completing visa application and documents
Schedule visa interview appointment
Preparing for your visa interview
Orientation and relocation documents

On your way to the USA

What to pack and avoid before you leave for the USA.
We will provide your contact information and guidance for documents to carry with you.
We will be there for you once you land.

Relocation Assistance

USA Employment offers comprehensive relocation assistance to all teachers. There is an associated fee to cover associated expenses. The objective is to ensure that all teachers are settled quickly and comfortably in their new environments. Orientation sessions are focused to minimize the cultural shock and to make the transition as smooth and prompt as possible for teachers as well as schools.

The teacher should plan to bring 3-4 thousand dollars with them to cover costs associated with relocation. USA Employment's relocation specialists will research multiple options for housing and transportation, which vary from city to city. When applicable, USA Employment will involve local residents (ideally from the same ethnicity as the teacher) as well as representatives from the host school to assist in relocation and acclimation issues. This provides the teacher with an initial contact person of similar background and heritage. Most American cities have thriving international communities.

Relocation includes many items. Click Here.

USA Employment will guide the teacher on all necessary steps for certification as well as meeting any other challenges and requests made by the school system where they are employed. USA Employment also offers around-the-clock relocation advice, assistance and guidance.

Program Fees and expenses

See attached list.

Cost of Living

All these cost depend on location and consumption. Compare the cost of living by area. https://www.expatistan.com

Housing: $700 to 1500
Transportation: $250-500
Food: $250-750
Utilities/Phone/Misc: $150-750

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